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Hk Summer STEAM

Elementary-aged students


Hk Summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) is a full-day summer enrichment program during which your HYPOTHEkid will conduct experiments, create projects, meet practicing scientists and engineers, and take trips based on the theme of the week!

Location: The program will be held at Corpus Christi, located on 121st between Broadway and Amsterdam directly behind Columbia University’s Teachers College. The Morningside Heights area is served by the A, B, C, D, and 1 subway lines.

Dates: 6 weekly themed sessions from July 15th to August 23rd, 2019

Times: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Ages: Rising Kindergarten to Grade 5. Students are grouped together by the grade level they will be entering this fall.

Tuition: $695/week. 10% multi-week, or sibling discounts available. All material fees and trips are included. Meals are not included - we ask that you provide two snacks and a lunch for your HYPOTHEkid. The scholarship application is now closed.

Registration is now open!


Our Universe & Beyond

July 15-19

We're blasting off to the edge of our galaxy! HYPOTHEkids will explore the many different parts of our solar system: planets, stars, the sun & moon.

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Powered by Nature

July 22-26

We’re going to experience firsthand the power of Mother Nature!  HYPOTHEkids will learn how renewable natural resources such as wind, water, and sunlight can be used to power things we use in our everyday lives.

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Chemistry MATTERs!

July 29-August 2

It’s time to find out what we’re really made of...literally!  We will dive into the microscopic world and discover why there are different states of matter, how chemical reactions work, and the chemical and physical changes that many objects, including the foods we eat, undergo all the time.

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Engineer It!

August 5-9

Do you see a problem in the world around you?  Let’s design a solution for it! HYPOTHEkids will come up with creative ways to make our lives easier by applying knowledge of simple machines, circuits, and flight science to solve practical problems.



August 12-16

Did you know that there is science happening all around us in New York City every day?  During this week, we will immerse ourselves in all things New York - from the quality of the water we drink to urban green spaces to the ecological system of the Hudson River.



August 19-23

Let’s become masters of math!  We will fine tune our measurement and geometry skills by engaging in fun activities involving three-dimensional shapes, fractions, graphing, and much more!