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Hk Summer STEAM

Elementary-aged students


Hk Summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) is a full-day summer enrichment program during which your HYPOTHEkid will conduct experiments, create projects, meet practicing scientists and engineers, and take trips based on the theme of the week!

Location: The program will be held at Corpus Christi, located on 121st between Broadway and Amsterdam directly behind Columbia University’s Teachers College. The Morningside Heights area is served by the A, B, C, D, and 1 subway lines.

Dates: 8 weekly themed sessions from July 9th to August 31st

Times: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Ages: Rising Kindergarten to Grade 5. Students are grouped together by the grade level they will be entering this fall.

Tuition: $695/week. 10% multi-week, or sibling discounts available. All material fees and trips are included. The scholarship application is now closed. 

Registration is open for Summer 2018!

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Engineer It!

July 9-13

Got questions that need answers? Creative ideas that you want to improve? Plans that need… planning? Well HYPOTHEkids is going to to help you crack the enigma of Engineering! During Engineer It! your scientists will be exploring principles of civil engineering as we build and design bridges. Principles of mechanical engineering will show us just how each part of a car works - your HYPOTHEkids may be the scientist to engineer the most efficient car ever seen. We will address the physics of work and how we can use combinations of simple machines to “take the load off.” We’ll use circuits and electricity to engineer the coolest creations in technology using littleBits, and we’ll take all the information we learn to the Museum of Modern Pinball to explore how electromagnets, simple machines, and circuits are used to make the coolest machines in your local arcade! Come explore the maker world, design, and redesign as HYPOTHEkids engineer an innovative tomorrow!



July 16-20

Steam is everywhere in the city! And not just steam but STEAM. During NYC STEAMed we’ll travel into the nooks and crannies of our city to explore the science behind subways, the engineering of bridges and skyscrapers, and alternative energy sources, like steam, that power NYC. Join us as we re-imagine a more sustainable NYC at the Museum of the City of New York. There we will visit the Future City Lab where we will be exploring concepts in urban planning and city sustainability. If you’ve ever wanted to build a skyscraper, make your own generator, or improve NYC, come this week to dream it and then STEAM it!  

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Code Connector

July 23 – 27

10100101010000100010101 - can you crack this binary code? Get the skills you need during Code Connector as we crack the code of coding. We’ll be exploring concepts in computer engineering using iPads and computer programs. We’ll explore concepts of video game coding and design. We’ll even turn ourselves into mini computers to be programmed by our young scientists. After learning programming techniques, we’ll apply what we learned to coding using apps like OSMO.  We'll take a trip to the National Museum of Mathematics to explore where math and coding collide!



July 30 – August 3

We can’t wait to crush those math skills during Mathcrush! We'll be exploring some principles of 3 dimensional modeling using an application called 3DC.IO. We will also be visiting the virtual world where we will explore just how technology has been able to turn those shapes and figures into screens that pop out at you in 3D IMAX movies. We’ll investigate animation and video design as we work with cameras and frame rates - scientists will learn what it takes to make a movie! We’ll get even further behind the scenes at the Museum of the Moving Image where we’ll explore the process of making animated movies and more!


Molecular Madness

August 6-10

There’s so much to learn about living things and how they are created! During Molecular Madness we will take a close look at all the ways genes, DNA, RNA, and proteins determine everything about a living organism. We’ll explore heredity and find out just where you got that button nose or those big brown eyes. We’ll also get familiar with biotechnology techniques that scientists use to learn about genes and proteins: DNA extraction and gel electrophoresis. To wrap up the week we’ll head to Liberty Science Center in Jersey City where we’ll take a look inside the human body and see some of the biomolecular world! 

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My Body Alive

August 13-17

During My Body Alive, our young scientists will dive in to the many different organ systems that make up their human bodies. We’ll first explore the part of our bodies that makes us think, move, speak, and live - any HYPOTHESES? It’s the nervous system! We’ll also question where our food goes as we model the human digestive system. We’ll take a trip through the cardiovascular system exploring how blood and oxygen get circulated throughout our entire body and why the body needs those two things to survive. We’ll be comparing human organ systems to those of other mammals by dissecting organs of animals donated in the name of science. We'll visit the American Museum of Natural History, more specifically, the sense lab as we learn about how our nervous system helps us with sensation and perception. Every cell, organ, and tissue will be activated this week - our bodies are alive!


Living Nature

August 20-24

Living Nature will be an exploration in ecosystems native to New York City. We’ll figure out what type of animals live in New York and how they interact with the many plants around them. Each HYPOTHEkid will get to nurture a native insect in their very own terrarium! Watch the metamorphosis of a caterpillar or the speedy growth of our state bug! (Know what it is?) We’ll also be looking at what it takes for plants to grow and survive some of the coldest winters and hottest summers in the United States. We will also study food webs and how they play a role in populations of plants and animals all around us. All of our learning will be put to practical use as we step into the wild with urban park rangers at Van Cortlandt Park where we will take a nature walk with two rangers who will show us the ins and outs of a New York City ecosystem.  Who says there’s no nature in this concrete jungle?

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Powered by Nature

August 27 – 31

Sustainable, better, faster, stronger! The Power of Nature will inspire us to create projects using solar, wind, and water energy to get work done! We’ll use chemical engineering to help our environment by completing an engineering challenge to clean up an oil spill! We’ll even look at how some of our genetic engineers have created crossbreeds in plants, like most types of corn! At the end of the week we will see environmental engineering in action at the Beczak Center and the Science Barge - our HYPOTHEkids will see how organizations are using biological and environmental engineering to make a better natural environment around New York City. They’ll leave emPOWERED by NATURE!