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A weekend science club for sisters in science

Are you interested in using your girl power to get us to outer space? HYPOTHE-sis focuses on making you a leader and giving you confidence in the classroom. We focus on building skills in science while exploring strong female scientists and engineers who are helping organizations like NASA to study outer space. HYPOTHE-sis will sharpen your creativity, and your ability to ask questions and to investigate problems. We will be exploring outer space, planets, black holes, space travel, and engineering for Mars. We are here to have fun, make friends, and hone your natural creativity to explore and make projects about the things that interest you most!

Program Information


Girls between the ages of 9 & 11


A science club, just for girls!



8 consecutive Saturdays from May 4th to June 11th


We’re excited about a new partnership with WeWork! HYPOTHE-sis will be held at WeWork's new community/retail space called Made by We - the address is 902 Broadway (at 20th)


To explore science topics while building critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and public speaking skills, all while fostering creativity and having fun!