People Love HYPOTHEkids

“We have the most promising innovation here and we’re doing it in Harlem – introducing it to the community, especially young kids.”

Sam Sia, Co-founder of Harlem Biospace, Parent Organization of Hk

“It is really amazing to see something that started off as just an idea in your head become a physical bio-medical product”

Arif M, Hk Maker Lab Student

“We found that HYPOTHEkids was the perfect blend of what our son needed: a science-based curriculum, which engaged him mentally; plenty of time to run and play; and peers to model up to”

Allison P, Hk Summer STEAM Parent


“It isn’t school. It isn’t camp. It’s HYPOTHEkids!”

HYPOTHEkid, overheard by her Parent