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3-5 Living Nature: Animals

Educational Video

Animal Adaptations

This video explores the different ways that animals can adapt to their environments. There is a number of ways that different animals do this, from Migration or Hibernation, to Body Structures and even changing their colors and in this video we will explore them all. 

Educational Video

Color Changing Chameleon's

No land animal is quite as good as the chameleon at hiding in plain sight! But, have you ever wondered how and why they can change color so quickly??

Visual Book

Chameleon's Are Cool

A read aloud Eric Carle book with music in HD fullscreen

Educational Video

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

The life cycle of a butterfly is one of the most amazing things in all of the natural world. In this video we help kids and students learn about butterflies and the 4 main stages of their life cycles


Find the Hidden Animals

Embark on the challenge of uncovering the secret inhabitants cleverly camouflaged within the picture! A total of 21 animals await your keen observation within both the house and garden scenes.

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