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If you are a recommender who has been asked by a student to submit a letter on their behalf, you can submit it using the link below. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SUBMIT FOR THE CORRECT PROGRAM!



New York Bioforce Letters of Recommendation are due by March 5th, 2023 at 11:59 PM.



Hk Maker Lab Letters of Recommendation will be available soon.


There is no standard format that letters need to follow. Letters should highlight what you have seen to be the unique strengths of the students, as well as your beliefs on their potential to succeed in our program. 

When considering applications we are looking for students who have: (1) an enthusiasm for science and learning; and (2) demonstrated dedication to their own success.

If you are an educator looking for ways to bring this opportunity to your students, please contact the Bioforce Program Manager, Liv Newkirk at

We would be happy to share materials for you to distribute, set up a private info session, or find other ways for us to work together to bring science to your students. 

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