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Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The Summer 2023 HYPOTHEKids season featured a notable collaboration with the Department of Education's FutureReadyNYC initiative, forged as a strategic alliance with Google. This initiative aimed to enhance the DOE's career-readiness programs and equip students with the necessary skills for high-wage and in-demand professions, particularly in the technology, business, healthcare, and education sectors. Through this partnership, students had the opportunity to gain hands-on teaching experience, earn college credits while in high school, and receive a stipend.

Within the Education Pathway, HYPOTHEKids played a pivotal role in encouraging a passion for teaching among high school students. The program began with a comprehensive 2-week training session where our HK mentors met with students from two schools in the Bronx and Queens. Over the course of 50 hours, the training covered essential topics such as classroom management, student behavior, lesson planning, and activity leadership. To practice their newfound knowledge and skills, the students taught one another interactive lessons using HYPOTHEKids science kits and facilitating various experiments. Additionally the students then convened to explore the content of the "Our Universe and Beyond" unit, becoming equipped to pass on their knowledge and respond to inquiries. Following the training period, these prepared students were assigned to 10 elementary schools throughout the city. Their mission was to deliver engaging science lessons to over 1000 elementary students spanning grades K-5.

Throughout the four weeks of teaching, HYPOTHEKids provided unwavering support to the high school students, ensuring their success. Regular weekly check-ins were scheduled to monitor progress and offer guidance as needed. The ultimate aim of this endeavor was to empower young minds in STEAM and foster an enriching educational experience for both the high school and elementary school students.

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